Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 20th Round

A. The appearance of ghouls at the north gate battle.  B. The breaching men under Wilhelm see daylight.  C. The elven group arrives at the west breach and Falun the ranger is supported.  D.  Penn the illusionist is running full out now.  E. The small engagement against the goblin slingers exchanges blows.  F. The SE breach combat, no real change.

For the first time, the men-at-arms/glaivers at the upper west breach are able to see daylight.  This in spite of the goblins next the Prince hurling their first spears.  Wilhelm is fighting a 3rd level goblin fighter.  Falun is still fighting the 7th level hobgoblin, blow for blow; Ty is now beginning to help with that, as he has cut his way through and the line has caught up to where Falun was once isolated.  The Verger drow has been missing repeatedly, and now he is surrounded.

At the north gate, the Queen drow has used her summon monsters III spell [corrected], creating 8 ghouls (pink).  The players, who were getting excited and finally winning this mess, are suddenly stunned to find  themselves in deep, deep trouble.  At least the cavalry has broken their opponents enough to lend some help, if needed!

Garalzapan the mage finishes casting blink and jumps out of the prime material plane.  Shalar misses.  Hig hits and moves forward.  Widda misses.  The goblins move up towards Ariana.  Apart from this, the southeast breach just goes on and on.

Whatever their troubles, the players are making ground.

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James Clark said...

Alexis, I appreciate you posting these. I must admit, re-reading your offline party's exploits at the goblin fort was the final nudge I needed to ask on the campaign blog if there was any interest in resuming our play-by-blog game. Whichever way that goes I will be re-joining your active readership. Keep 'em coming.