Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 8th Round

I am afraid that there is a big hole here in my content; two and half rounds have passed.  The party has attacked twice and the enemy three times since my last post.

A.  The cavalry regroups; gathers for the group at the top of the map.  B. Ivan reaches the base of the tower.  C. The men-at-arms manage to tie up the drow.  D. Engagement between the elves and hobgoblins.  E. Ladder party getting decimated by slingers.  F.  Cleaning up the dire wolves.

G. The Queen drow elf (caster of the fireball) moving from the bottom of the map towards the top.  H. Hobgobling standard with ground troops moving forward.  I.  Slingers finishing off the lord and last ladder force.

The group of slingers has dropped off the south wall and have been harassing the blue-colored humans fighting with the elves. However, they have managed to kill a goodly number of hobgoblins (the Lord breaking his arm in the process). This has resulted in a few more hobgoblins, all they could spare, rushing forward from the wall - and even if this doesn't wipe out the elves, it will prove to keep this group busy for awhile.

Some evil has befallen the Ranger; she failed a save vs. Hold person, and is now struck immobile. Her hippogriff, 'Hathor', defends her body, but a hobgoblin champion (7th level) has moved in for the kill. Meanwhile, Pony has been reduced to 2/3rds of its hit points, beset by two cavewights, and although the glaivers are pushing through the wall they are finding themselves beaten down by the Prince, who is attacking twice a round now.

At the time the combat took place, the party did not know for certain that the 'Queen' on the map was the leader of the enemy.

The line at the N Gate has gotten longer, and finally the hobgoblins and goblins are successfully working around the line of glaivers. Much of the force of the party is dependent upon the bard (Lyrial), whose playing through this has given +1 to hit and damage for the party, and -1 to hit and damage for the goblins, hobgoblins and cavewights ... but that is starting to slip.

The cavalry were actually uncertain at this point, deciding whether to charge the SE gate or turn around and go back to hit the N gate again.  The N gate's increasing line of attack was encouraging them to turn around - but they needed to get a distance away before they could build for another charge.

At F., Garalzapan the mage and Widda the cleric are considering assaulting the East tower.

More tomorrow.

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