Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 17th Round

A.  The north gate battle.  B.  The west breach battle.  C.  The elves begin moving forward towards the main gate.  D.  The SE gate battle.  E.  Goblins continue to move to support the north gate.

At the west breach, Falun is standing toe to toe with a 7th level hobgoblin fighter, suffering from two wounds.  Ty is down to half his hit points.  The Verger is smashing the glaivers behind them.  Wilhelm and the glaivers at the upper breach are not doing much better.  Ivan misses against the goblin, blowing the back stab, and they fight.

At the north gate, the cavewight leader stands at -7 hit points.  Goblins press against the glaivers and the small group of the party (Falcon, Pikel, Lyrial).  Pikel's animal friends are stunned and fall back.  Many of the cavalry are dead now but the melee goes on, all milling around each other.

Shalar and the goblin exchange blows.  Ariana the thief is one round away from joining them.

Below, the zombies are gone and Hig and Widda fight the hobgoblins directly, now.  A glaiver gets on top of the wall with the help of his friends and is met by a hobgoblin coming up the stairs.  Garalzapan would throw a spell, but he has no line of sight with any of the enemy.

All in all, a slogging round.

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