Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 3rd Round

A.  North gate battle pushes back the assault.  B.  Front of the cavalry breaks into full gallop to slam into the side of the enemy at the N gate, turning the enemy's defense.  C.  Rear of the cavalry breaking up the crack team of hobgoblins.  D.  Pony and hippogriff, along with Falyn, getting swarmed.  E.  Rush of hobgoblins with pole-arms flooding out the front gate.

The front four horsemen, wheeling a little bit faster than their train (one 60 degree turn per round), were able to smash into the side of the goblins at the top gate, overrun their way through the mass and cause unbelievable turmoil. It took a good forty minutes to sort out this mess as it really got going, but damn! Was it a lot of fun! It is the sort of thing that no mass combat rule simulation can invent, but which ordinary combat rules (plus some refinements about overrun) manages with magnificent excitement. No telling yet if this group will break its way in easily, or flounder in the morass that's forming. It's supported by a 9th level druid (who just transformed from a mouse into a human) - found right against the wall and named 'Pikel' ... and much hinges on his ability to get off a few significant spells.
The mastodon continues to maraud.  The ranger was 7th level at this time.  I thought at the time that they were foolish to get inside, but if the mastodon breaks at this point, it would probably flee and be unstoppable.  The ranger can take to the wind on the hippogriff in a crisis - in the meantime, together, they look to slaughter heartily. This is good, because there's clearly a lot of bodies to slaughter. The air was thick with spears.

The ladder crew at the bottom were able to regroup and not be routed; but they lost a lot of time due to morale failure.

The glaivers supported by Garalzapan and the 6th level player monk (Shalar) are doing good work with the dire wolves ... looks like those won't be much trouble after all, despite their averaging 22-30 hp. But then, they haven't gotten close to the walls yet, and the slingers inside haven't deployed.

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