Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 4th Round

A.  Part of the cavalry getting trapped in the melee; the remaining cavalry turning to go around the back side of the N gate combat.  B.  The last cavalry fighting hobgoblins.  C.  Elves fire against the pole-arm bearing attackers; bowmen on the walls firing back.  D.  Ladder division smashed.  E.  Cavewights, drow, other attackers turning away from the wall to attack the mastodon & ranger.

Something bad has happened; the end of the third round showed a group of men, at the bottom of the map, rushing towards the south wall with ladders. This image shows those men largely obliterated, some of them shown in white to indicate they are stunned and unable to do anything. A fireball exploded in the middle of them (cast by a drow), and so much for that assault.

The elves in the bottom left still waiting for the rush of hobgoblins from the SW Gate. The drow (yellow square) approaching the ranger is marked 'Prince.'  Note I don't play daytime/nighttime rules for drow.

The interesting part of the battle is what is going on at the N Gate ... where all hell is breaking loose. The cavalry which hit the goblins in round 3 are pulling out now (Neema, the paladin, is 5th level). Meanwhile, hobgoblins that were on the wall have leaped to the ground (it is a wooden wall, 12' high); and goblins are still streaming from the main gate - although the druid, now appearing as a man (Pikel), has warped wood to force the gate to remain open, so that when the goblins are killed the gate can be entered freely. Over the next ten rounds, he will wonder about this strategy ... but there was no way to warp the gates shut, for once he was close enough to warp them, they were already open. Meanwhile, the cavewights have dropped off the wall and are attempting to flank the party on the party's left.

At the SE Gate, the dire wolves are playing havoc with the zero levels ... this is just the beginning of that combat.  Garalzapan attacks the goblins in the east tower with magic missile.

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