Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 1st Round

Yesterday, my daughter referred to a "mass combat" that I ran in my world.  I have never properly accounted for the combat, even though it has been five years.  I did put up three posts that in part covered some of that combat - but it never ended.  Those posts cover rounds two and three, rounds four to nine and rounds ten to thirteen.

Now, looking for the pages, I see I've lost several of the rounds that happened.  Partly, I suppose, because I forgot to record the image at the end of the round, like I intended; but probably because it has been so long, something got lost.

Anyway, I decided that I would put a collection together that covers the whole combat, at least as much as I can cover.  I have images that cover to the 28th round.  These images are HUGE . . . 4mb+ each (with the exception of those I will have to steal from the 2010 post).  I did write some about the earlier rounds, so I'm just going to re-post content from the earlier accounts.  Everything I have to say about these is from memory.  I have no notes that I'm working on.

Thinking about it, I've decided to print these one round at a time.  Names given below are for player characters and player henchmen.  I'm including this largely for those players.  Remember, this took place in my campaign in 2010.  Long time ago.

A. Pikel the druid's animal friends.  B. Men-at-arms under the command of Ivan the thief, Lyrial the bard and Falcon the mage.  C.  Cavalry under the command of Neema the paladin; singular box above is Penn the illusionist.  D.  Trained mastodon and hippogriff possessed by Falun the ranger.  E.  Elves under the command of Frederick the mage/thief.  F. Men-at-arms under the command of a local lord (Karl), supported by Lorell the assassin.  G.  Men-at-arms under the command of Garalzapan the mage, Shalar the monk, Bartholomew the cleric, Widda the cleric and Hig the fighter.

H.  Dire-wolves guarding the SE gate.  I.  More than 350 goblins, hobgoblins, cavewights (ogres) and a few drow elves thrown in for fun. Many of these are levelled.  J.  The front gate.

The grey on the map shows a steep slope; breaks in the grey are sloped places where approach is easier.

The party chose to hit the fort from every side, since "getting in" would let the mages do their work (they would be able to see targets for fireball and such).  The Pony at D is the mastodon; it is being driven into the NW wall to simply smash through it.  B is hitting the north gate, G the southeast gate.  The elves at E are bowmen, meant to hold position.  The group at F is hoping to get over the south wall with ladders.  The six defending towers each have a ballista.