Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 14th Round

A.  The north gate battle spreads and gets unstable.  B.  The west breach battle momentarily stabilizes.  C. The last of the hobgoblins are cleaned up by the elves.  D.  The southeast gate battle continues to bog.  E.  The fortress defenders commit their last reserves.

The elves now commit to a missile combat with the goblin slingers on the ground and the hobgoblins on the wall.  I haven't been mentioning it, but the ballistaes on the walls have been firing every six rounds, mostly missing due to my bad rolls.  Those last few hobgoblins have decided to fight to the death.

Falun manages to free himself after being attacked (which breaks the hold person spell, as I run it).  Ty the fighter has driven the Prince drow into negative hit points, but the goblins - no longer being kept down by the incidental damage of the mastodon - are swarming.

At the north gate, the goblins are swarming out and re-starting the battle over again.  The overall combat there has become less tight after the Queen's third fireball.  A group of glaivers has been completely surrounded by goblins, but the cavalry is fighting their way into this pack, while circling around to break the men-at-arms out.

And still the battle at the southeast gate is bogged down.  The players are now very sorry for sending the zombies in first, but those zombies are almost dead now.  The three that are left only have a combined 11 hp.

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