Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 19th Round

A. The north gate battle.  B. Penn the illusionist running to join the north gate battle.  C. Elven group under Frederick the mage/thief heading for the west breach.  D. Lorell the assassin and Helmut the cleric fighting the goblin slingers.  E. The SE gate/breach battle.  F. Goblins rushing to shore up attacks on the west and north.

Lorel and Helmut engage the goblin slingers, who fight back with swords.  Frederick and a character named Loki (a player who had been taking a break, joining into this combat mid-stream), continue to move steadily towards the western breach.  Penn the illusionist makes tremendous speed, being unarmored.

Despite the tremendous resources, the points of near success where it looked like the goblins were going to win after all, the glaivers, Wilhelm, Ty and Falun are actually winning out.  The Prince drow sends half the goblins making their way to the north gate to shore up places where his line is breaking.  This is probably poor defensive strategy, but isn't it the sort of thing defenders do?  The remaining goblins continue north.  Ivan successfully avoids the dire wolf and attacks goblins instead, leaving the glaivers nearby to fight the wolf.

The goblins at the north gate are still fighting the confused goblins.  The last of them are starting to fall to the party; 

The brownies, meanwhile, are making no further attacks; they have used mirror image to protect themselves, should anyone attack them.  Neema, in the middle of the cavalry fight, is keeping on her horse (paladin's warhorse, Dumar) and keeping the melee under control.

Shalar is still fighting the goblin on the tower.  Ariana has taken a place on the middle floor of the tower (shown as a second image next to the first tower) where she is now shooting at the ground defenders.  A goblin group is climbing up into the tower (they should have earlier, but goblins are dumb - maybe they didn't know the tower was empty?).

And still the SE gate/breach is moving slow as molasses.  The players in this corner of the map are so very, very frustrated.  It's funny - you get a series of rounds where the players miss, miss, miss, miss again, then miss before finally missing.  That's what was happening here.  Widda, Shalar and Hig ALL blew roll after roll.

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