Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 9th Round

A. Cavalry turns to charge.  B. Ivan climbing the tower.  C. The Lord Karl and his remaining men joining the elves.  D. Slingers having leapt from the wall move to attack the men-at-arms at the north gate.

I should have added a letter (near B.) that shows the druid's animal friends joining in the north gate battle. Note also that the last separated horse has broken away from the combat surrounding the breach on the west wall.  The three other errant horse are still moving to rejoin the cavalry also.

The slaughter continues unabated at the north gate, on and on ... with no seeming end to goblins rushing out to be ground down. But steadily, the party is winning on the right flank, and losing badly on their left. It looks now like things are sliding out of control ... ah, but look to the right! Neema and the cavalry have turned around, and are now about to ride right at that group of slingers moving down the hill to support the enemy's right flank against the party's left.

Inside the fort, on the west wall, the glaivers are still being chewed up by the Prince, while the ranger Fayln is getting very nervous. It doesn`t look like the glaivers are going to reach her in time, does it? Note that the Queen has paused, and hasn't moved from her place.  She's making up her mind to cast or use her wand again.

Still the elves are fighting hobgoblins, and not much has changed. The slingers on top of the hill to the right of the elves are keeping those four pinned down ... it just takes too long to climb the hill, and the cleric is attempting to restore to consciousness one of the others. But although the battle looks like its ground down, things are about to shift against the hobgoblins (the Lord`s bad luck can`t run forever).

Garalzapan, the mage, is casting the pass wall spell against the SE gate.

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  1. Hello Alexis,

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a great blog. I found this site about 18 months ago and I have been reading the backlog of entries. I'm now reading through your mass combat situation and it's one of my favorite topics that you cover. This is my first post here, and in fact my first on any blog. I don't have much else to add/ask right now, but thanks again for sharing your world and your party's exploits.


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