Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 21st Round

A. The steadily opening north gate melee.  B. Penn the Illusionist steadily making his way, still running.  C. The west breaches, steadily getting the upper hand.  D.  The skirmish against the goblin slingers.  E.  The southeast breach battle.
F. Goblins that have been stopped where they stand by a brownie attack.

Though it's just three goblins, the skirmish between Lorel and Helmut with the goblin slingers (D), Helmut's movement (very slow in plate mail) and Lorel being just a 1st level assassin is dragging out the melee.  The elven bowmen continue loading and exchanging fire with the walls.

At the west breach, the attackers are strengthening their line, despite the Verger drow pushing into it.  Though there are a lot of goblins, they're out of reserves and the party is feeling stronger.  Wilhelm and Ivan are managing the upper west breach and they're soon going to get help from Frederick the mage/thief and Urlgen, another 1st level fighter hench.

At the north gate, Pikel, Falcon, Snuggles the black bear and Pikel's wolf all become paralyzed by the ghouls after failing their saving throws.  Lyrial the bard alone, of the players, is still active, fighting the ghouls with the help of the glaivers.  Neema turns and fights her way towards them.  The rest of the cavalry hack down at the remaining goblins, with one hobgoblin and one cavewight left.  The cavewight has broken its weapon and is limited to attacking by claw.

At the southeast breach, Garalzapan the mage blinks onto the top of the wall next to the goblin fighting Shalar and attacks, very nearly killing it.   Hig, Widda and the glaivers fighting here all miss, as do the hobgoblins fighting them.  Slog, slog, slog.

It is the second brownie, casting confusion like the first, that affects the nine goblins in the center of the courtyard, causing them to stand about confused, taking no actions whatsoever.  Remember that brownies cast spells as though 9th level, so the effect lasts for quite a long time.  Meanwhile, the other group of goblins reach the north gate and engage the Youth drow and remaining goblin still affected by the first brownie.

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