Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, Mid-6th Round

Unlike with previous posts, a round and a half has gone by.  This is the middle of round six, before the enemy attacks; so the party has gone twice; the enemy only once since the end of round four.

A.  Remaining cavalry frees itself from the N gate melee and heads clockwise around the fort.  B.  The men at arms, under an NPC named Ty (Karl the lord's main hench) are destroying the hobgoblins and, C., moving through the breach.  D.  Penn is moving towards the elves.  E.  The elves are bracing against charge.  F. The remaining ladder force is moving to rejoin with the elves.

Midway between the elves and the mess at the N Gate, the glaivers who have been hurrying all this time have finally reached the hole left behind by the mastodon. Fayln and Pony continue to fight the good fight. Some of the cavalry have gotten bogged down fighting hobgoblins in front of the wall ... three pass through the glaivers as they rush forward. The rest of the cavalry have reformed and are now rounding outside the walls, looking for their next charge.

At the N Gate, the 1st level mage (Falcon) has managed to sleep two cavewights and two others, relieving some of the pressure . . . the battle line grows longer, the remaining enemy continue their attempt to outflank the good guys.  Ivan, isolated, hiding in shadows (which I now call 'stealth') is seeking his opportunity at the NW tower.

As it happens, at the SE Gate, that party is doing quite well with the dire wolves. In addition, the party's 8th level mage (transformed with a candle of invocation into 10th level), Garalzapan, has let go a fireball at the E Tower - and eliminated everyone there except for one lone goblin (who happens to be 7th level, and now quite weakened). As such, the mage is no longer invisible.

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