Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 11th Round

A. The cavalry charges.  B. The brownies move up on the tower to help Ivan the thief (who is Pikel the druid's hench).  C.  The mastodon makes another breach.  D.  Engagement at the southeast gate.  E.  The remaining goblins/hobgoblins in the interior move to shore up the west breach after the Queen's 2nd fireball.

There is little to say about the battle between the elves and hobgoblins. Deaths occur on both sides and, if anything, the hobgoblins are keeping Lord Karl out of the main battle. The lines have sorted themselves out, with Helmut the npc cleric rushing in from right.  At least one of the man-at-arms has retreated.

The mastodon makes a convenient second hole as it leaves the fortress at the West Wall. Hathor the hippogriff has been stunned and will soon die if it does not escape - which to do it must both survive one round without being stunned and abandon its master. Falun the ranger is definitely sweating (the ranger is played by my daughter, by the way).

Ty has pushed back the prince and the glaivers are making some headway (the Queen's fireball helped clear the way).  More goblins are coming, so the battle is by no means won.

Ivan is handily killing off his opponents inside the tower, with the brownies coming to help.  They are heading for the ballista on the tower's top, which is in the process of being loaded (9 rounds to go for all ballista).

The flanking movement at the north gate gets to be more of a problem.  The party there is anxiously awaiting for the cavalry charge to hit.  The cavalry is thundering up the hill towards the goblin slingers, who release a volley into the defenders (remember, the gray areas are slopes).  The Queen is climbing the stairs of the NE tower.

The orange bar that has appeared along the SE wall, in front of the gate, is a web spell cast by Garalzapan the mage.  This has trapped most of the hobgoblins that leapt off the wall last round, making them easy to kill.  The zombies are moving awfully slowly.  I felt (unsaid to the players) that it was a mistake to send these through first.

The outer dire wolves are finally gone.

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