Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 15th Round

A.  The north gate battle.  B.  The west breach battle.  C.  The elves continue to exchange missiles with the fort.  D. The SE gate battle.

There are three hobgoblins left at the bottom right and the missile exchange goes on between the elves and the wall.  The main gate is being held by only a few defenders, but the elvish troop is in rough shape.  Remembering that Lord Karl's arm is broken, he is debating with his cleric henchman Helmut about gathering a force to rush the front gate (they have no means of getting over it without the ladders).  The players debate on how they want to use these; get the ladders and go over the south wall?

The Prince drow pulls back while the Verger moves forward; the Verger proves to be a monk.  Ty and Falun still fighting, making hay on the goblins with multiple attacks. The dire wolf by the second west breach (at the top) has been freed from its chain and is attacking glaivers (men-at-arms) as they enter through the upper breach.

Inside the NW tower, Ivan is fighting a 4th level goblin fighter, has been for several rounds; but he is getting the better of the fight.  The brownies, having finished their targets at the end of round 13, move to the edge of the tower and cast a confusion spell against the goblins emerging from the north gate.  The goblins turn and attack each other.

The Queen has cast Melf’s acid arrow at Neema and other bows have created a temporary respite in the middle of the goblin line between the right and left sides of the combat.  The cavalry, however, are freeing the three remaining enclosed glaivers.  The cavewight is looking for a new target.

Shalar the monk has gotten into the East tower and come face to face with the 7th level goblin fighter.  They’ve shared thrown missiles at each other (axe and dagger).  Below, Hig the fighter and Widda the cleric are pushing the zombies forward, still trying to break into the fort's courtyard.

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