Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 16th Round

A.  The north gate battle.  B.  Ivan the thief sneaks up on an enemy.  C.  The elves, free from hand-to-hand, still fighting the missile combat.  D.  The SE gate battle.

E.  The hobgoblin standard bearer moves to support the goblins against the west breach.  F.  The goblins in the center move north to support the north gate.

It is impossible not to notice that the central courtyard of the fort is empty compared to what there was before. The slaughter continues.

The last of the hobgoblins fighting the elves are gone.  The goblin slingers have suffered and lost numbers.  The debate of what to do is going on.

At the west breach, the goblins are getting the better of the glaivers, Falun and Ty.  Falun has gotten separated from the attackers again (yet still surviving, down to about 30% of the 80 hit points she started with).  The group at the upper breach are being led by an npc named Wilhelm, who is proving himself very lucky with the dice.

Ivan has finished off his enemy and is now sneaking up on the goblin standing on the stairs (A).  That goblin is using his sling against the glaivers and doesn't know that Ivan is there (is about to be surprised).

At the north gate, the confused goblins and Youth drow make a mess of themselves; half disappear.  Snuggles the black bear, supported by Pikel's wolf, Lyrial the bard, Falcon the mage and Pikel the druid smash the toughest cavewight and keep the line.  Neema's cavalry surround the goblins - and there is a confused mass of glaivers, hobgoblins, goblins and horses all fighting together, while the NE tower continues to heap down missiles as they may.  Neema gets another Melf's acid arrow.  These are starting to hurt.  If Neema goes down, the cavalry will have to make a morale check.

Shalar the monk engages the goblin on the E tower.  Ariana the thief climbs the wall to join.  The remaining advance is still bogged down.

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