Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 18th Round

A. The north gate battle.  B. The west breach battle.  C. Elven group one, headed north.  D. Elven group two, moving to attack the goblin slingers.  E. The SE gate battle.  F.  The Prince drow stops to speak to the goblins moving to the north gate.

Plainly, the battle is tightening, allowing me to more tightly crop the map.

The small force moving towards the goblin slingers near the SW tower (D) are led by Helmut the cleric (npc) and Lorel the assassin, only a 1st level.  The second small force (C) has decided not to attack the main gate, but to move up to the west breach.  This group is being led by Lord Karl and Frederick the mage/thief.  Penn the illusionist has broken off from the others and is heading for the north gate.  The remaining elves are still exchanging missiles with the walls.

At the west breach, Falun and Ty's multiple attacks are winning the day, despite the numbers - but the goblins at the upper breach are winning the day.  Ivan the dwarven thief finishes off his goblin and moves down the stairs, readying himself to attack the dire wolf.

No real changes with the north melee.  The Queen drow is reserving her last combat spells.

Shalar is destroying the goblin fighter.  Ariana decides to slip through the window into the tower.  I had forgotten, but way back in the 4th round, Garalzapan destroyed the archers on the tower's middle level with magic missile.  That was not mentioned, but I've added a note on that post.

Below, Widda and Hig begin to make headway.  The glaiver on the wall knocks back the hobgoblin.

Time and again I had tried through the combat NOT to make the enemy of one consciousness.  In many cases, goblins that could have joined in do not; people pause to talk, rather than knowing what to do next.  Such is the case where the Prince stops the group of goblins heading to the north gate, at a time when they really should be hurrying.  It is realistic.

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