Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 13th Round

Things were getting serious with the combat and I remember I forgot to save the end of round 12.  So there is no post for that round.

A.  North gate battle.  B.  West breach battle.  C.  Elf-hobgoblin battle.  D. Southeast gate battle.

What has happened at the north gate!?  Well, the Queen drow is a little crazy.  After totalling her own people at the west breach, she does it again (blew her intelligence roll) by burning half the battle at the north gate.  This had the unfortunate effect (for the bad people) of destroying most of the goblins, while the men-at-arms managed to barely survive.  Most of those still showing on the map only have 1 or 2 hit points.

It makes room for the druid's animal friends, Snuggles the black bear and Nibbles sabre-toothed tiger tore into the goblins that were left over.  Then Nibbles got hit and failed the morale check; the tiger has not been with the druid long and has a poor morale for that reason.

At the same time, the cavalry ripped through the goblin slingers and into the back of the goblin/hobgoblin line, doing tremendous damage. They get hung up, however, so that now they're not moving and they're in melee.

The goblins emerging from the north gate now are led by a drow named 'Youth.'  Remember, they're unable to close the gate because of Pikel the druid's warp wood spell.

The SE gate battle has stalled. The zombies are fighting the hobgoblins, while the Shalar the 6th level monk (who has done little in this combat except kill dire wolves) decides to climb the East Tower and fight whatever is there. There is, in fact, a 7th level goblin fighter waiting for him - which the player doesn't actually know yet.

The hobgoblins against the elves are thinning as the elves & humans handle them easily with the help of the illusionist.  Most of the remaining elves are low on hit points and only have daggers for weapons - yet they're doing well.  The standard bearer for the hobgoblins is pulling back towards the SW Gate, recognizing that the sortie is failing. Telling detail, that.

At the west breach, things are going fairly well. The hippogriff has recovered and flown away, the mastodon has been removed from the field (though it is technically still running in the upper left corner)  A glaiver has sacrificed himself to save Falun the ranger (check made), partly because Falun is a very attractive elf.

A second drow elf, the Verger, is helping press the attack with the goblins.

Meanwhile, a second group of glaivers is making use of the second hold made by the mastodon.  

Ivan is finishing off his opponents inside the NW Tower, and the two brownies are now attacking the goblins on the top. So all around a good round for this part of the combat.

This is the end of my in-blog notes.  I wrote the base posts for these back in 2010.  From here on, I'm solely dependent on my memory.  So details will probably get a bit thinner going forward. 

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