Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spain & Portugal

Aha.  Seven hundred cities later . . .

Below is my combined map of Spain & Portugal.  The peninsula spreads over two of my map templates, so they had to be put together to show it all (that's why some of the labels appear twice; it's hard to see the overlap except where a label is cut off).  I find this looks a bit odd, but it is the map projection.  Most maps will curve the left and right sides upwards, to give the illusion that the center of the map dips, like it would on a globe.

Morocco and Algeria at the bottom of the map still need work.  But I am most pleased to say that I've finally mapped the coast all the way around the Mediterranean.  That's a big deal for me.

I was going to work on the British Islands next, but after the above I need a break with something simpler.  So I will work on Morocco and Algeria, finishing those . . . then I think I may work on western China.  Nice that I can hop around the globe as I wish.

Just a reminder, I published a book a week ago!  Already, one week.  Do have a look at it.

I'm going to step out tonight, but I will work on the next post in the Island series as soon as I have some time.


In keeping with Maxwell's comments below, I'm going to post both sides of the map above, as they appear to me when I use it in a game (the edges not cleaned up).