Monday, March 23, 2015

Follow up on DFD

I haven't heard from anyone who has received or started reading the book, The Dungeon's Front Door & Other Tales of the Deep Dark.  It's available for 20% off from Amazon.

Hey, give me a poke.  Let me know how the book looks!


  1. I bought it, but before I could get through chapter 1, I was struck down with major infection in my lungs and have been in ICU for the better part of last week. Tried to read a few times, but the medication has me loopy. Will give it a proper read after my recovery.

  2. My reading list is just too crowded these days. I finally did not have time to read it in the days previous to my last session, and since then I've been reading on my latest investments book. But as soon as I get to it, I'll let you know.

  3. Finished DFD this last weekend.

    I was able to appreciate your points about the apocalyptic dungeon and why megadungeons are bad for tension because I am currently in a campaign where there is no character death , we level by fiat, and it's in a megadungeon.
    It is producing exactly the difficulties you would predict. But it is also a great experimental opportunity.

  4. Would you give the book a rating out of four/five stars, Preston? People understand stars.

  5. Maybe. Will you look at my blog if I can reduce my opinion to a number of stars?

    Or atleast allow me to link to Tao when I notice that my ideas are blatantly, painfully reminiscent of your own?

  6. Have faith, Preston; I've read your blog in the past.

    Feel free to link.

  7. Great! Now go do it on Amazon, where other people will read it!


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