Monday, March 2, 2015

DFD Text

The text on the Dungeon's Front Door is settled.  The book is done.  I need only go through the process of publishing it now, putting it online.

The only difficult obstacle to this, right now, is the blurb that needs to be written for the book's back cover.  The front cover, as the reader knows, is finished; though I believe I'm going to tweak it to rid the cover of the white stalactite that is on the right edge.

The other short book included a blurb that read,

"In ten essays discussing the ins and outs of role-playing a character, the present state of D&D, the aftershock of DMing a game and more, Alexis Smolensk uses his 35 years of experience running and playing the game to entertain and challenge the minds of role-players everywhere. Smolensk pulls apart the motivations behind there being multiple editions of the game, making and breaking camp in the adventure and the intricacies of wild magic, offering humour and inspiration as well. Called by some a mad scientist of RPG writing, and by others a ‘Quixotic bastard,’ Alexis Smolensk may be the most gonzo, over-the-top old school grognard that has ever run the game!"

It's that end, that I've made bold, that I like.  I ripped it from things people have said about me over the years.

There were also three other quotes, pulled from people who commented on various essays in that book:

  • "Grand" - Poor Meepo's Almanac
  • "Never again will I go down into a cave without blankets." - Matt Williams
  • "This made me late for my bus this morning, Thanks." - Are Braaten
  • "I love this, its pure, clean, and murky-grey as my own mind." - Eid

I'd like to do something like this again.  I'd like to go back through my comments this last few months and pull things out that describe me, generally.

Right now, I could probably put the book together tonight and make it available for sale - but it's not good to rush these things.  I am, however, going online with it tomorrow, and NOT the 7th.  Woot!

In the meantime, if anybody wants to point out a comment they've made about me in the past, or something new they'd like to say about me today, to get it on the back of the book as a 'review' of my writing (including getting your blog's name in print, inside bookstores and on D&D shelves world-wide), then do it now.  You have about 12, 14 hours.  Then it will be too late.

Here`s hoping people are looking forward to the book.


  1. Alexis Smolensk is the godfather of thoughtful and heartfelt DMing, to whom we turn for invaluable advice on thorough conception of all aspects of world-building and campaign running that make role-playing games an absolutely compelling and enriching experience.

  2. LOL, thanks Xenos; but soften that up a bit, huh? I don't think anyone will believe you.

  3. very much looking forward to DFD.
    Thank you for the hard work.

  4. Taken from the introductory post to my new D&D blog:
    "[The Tao of D&D] will open up the reader's mind to consider the deeper implications of everything they read, watch, listen to or experience."

  5. Here's what I've found to compare with:

    "Alexis' advice is often brutally hones and direct - it challenges our preconceptions about what makes a good DM and what a DM's job is."

    - Dave Cesarano, The Caffeinated Symposium.

    "Alexis D. Smolensk has drawn on a huge range of sources and utilized a huge range of tools to analyse world building and role playing in every detail."

    - Stuart Lloyd, Lloyd of Gamebooks.

    "If you're looking for some shrewd D&D wisdom to ponder, click over to The Tao of D&D and feast your brain."

    - Steve, Howling Tower.

    "Some of the most insightful posts on game mastering anywhere."

    - Jeffro Johnson, Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog.

    "Alexis . . . does not outline a road to perfection in gaming, but one of perfecting oneself by approaching a subject with intensity and serious attitude."

    - Jonathan Becker, B/X Blackrazor.


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