Monday, March 30, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 2nd Round

A.  Engagement at the north gate.  B.  Rushing to make use of the breach created by the mastodon (Pony).  C.  The mastodon breaks through the wall, goblins inside begin attack; cavalry turns to the left at the wall.  D.  Rushing up the hill, men-at-arms getting hit hard by slingers.  E.  Engaging the dire wolves.  F.  Crack team of hobgoblins leap from the wall to break the cavalry charge and break up use of the breach.

Incidental damage rules for the mastodon were spectacular as the beast breaks up the nearest goblins when smashing through the wall.  Ivan the thief breaks apart from the main body, starts heading for the NW tower.

At the top of the map, goblins and cavewights (the latter more or less the equivalent of ogres in the Monster Manual - my ogres are tougher still), rushed out through the gate and over the top of the wall (the cavewights can simply rush up the stairs and drop beyond the wall). They were met by glaives set vs. charge, which made quite the mess of them. A single glaiver was able to roll triple damage, doubled for the set glaive, with a bonus of +1 from a bard's martial strains, for a total of 42 damage (maximum possible). Much celebration followed.

At the very bottom, the group of men approaching the wall with ladders were stymied by the appearance of a wall of fire (the red line), which fried the front rank and left the whole unit in confusion. If the unit routs, it could be a disastrous delay in opening up that front.

To their left, the weakest group facing the castle, comprising of elven archers and peasant elves (few hit points), are faced with a group of hobgoblin's armed with polearms, coming out the gate. My elves are not 'super humans' ... they are mere creatures with 1+1 hit dice, not much in this battle with so many high leveled persons, and more or less equivalent to hobgoblins. The only leader among the elves is a second-level mage, a member of the party. I don't know why they left this group so weak, but they've now sent out for help.

In the bottom right, the dire wolves, intentionally starved, are hitting the front line of glaive-setting humans. A party cleric is marching in six zombies, and the party's 10th level mage (Garalzapan) is invisible at the top right of this mass.

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