Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Dungeon's Front Door Book is Available!


The Dungeon's Front Door & Other Things in the Deep Dark is available for purchase.  At least, the paperback is.

The eBook will take a bit of time yet (be patient, the eBook thing is a real mess, will take me much more time to get it sorted).

Here's a shot of the back and front cover (it would wrap around the book):

Here is the reason why I don't believe in kickstarters.  I'd rather just produce the product and have interested parties invest in the actual existence of the thing.

Please consider buying a copy!


connor mckay said...

Congratulations! Its always wonderful how books just appear finished by divine grace isn't it!

But good work with another book, I can not wait to purchase and read it. Hearing your indepth opinion on dungeons will be great, as we have so much information on how you view the rest of the game, but scant info on your dungeon mindset.

Plus, my dungeons need work. So far all I can ever come up with is a well fortified encampment theme, but hopefully this will help me break out of my rut.

Scarbrow said...

As always, waiting for the ebook (my bookcases already groan from weight) but once it's up, you can count on me.

Thank you, Alexis

VeronaKid said...

Very well done, sir. I look forward greatly to receiving my copy. I have no doubts it will be a sound investment of both my money and my time. Best of luck with the sales.

Matt said...

I love Kickstarter for things like Videogames, Films, Albums, and things that it would not necessarily be conceivable to put together the funding out-of-pocket. I do very much appreciate that you deliver content before asking for payment though.

I will be buying the new book immediately.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

I'll buy my copy a few weeks from now after midterms. Looking forward to it!

Stuart Lloyd said...

Congratulations! I buy very few physical books, but I value your insight enough to buy a physical copy of this. I will leave a review in the next few weeks.

Ivar Emmaneel said...

Well done! Now I'm only three books behind. I would love to read them, just as I loved reading the blog posts.