Friday, April 24, 2015



Good, I can quit making a world now.

Unless . . . oh wait, this only works if I play strict 5th Edition rules, doesn't it?  And if I use a square map grid.  Still, there are a lot of benefits to adopting this software.  Nice to see this kind of thing coming along.

The one thing I would truly like to get out of it would be the ability to let other players move their characters.  As things are for my combats, I am stuck moving everyone according to their instructions . . . this Fantasy Grounds offers an alternative.

Beyond that, the program doesn't do very much that my working on publisher doesn't already allow. The program does many things in a more automatic fashion, but I doubt very much that it is more versatile than my imagination.  In some ways the 'automation' would drive me nucking futz.

Most readers, however, should check it out.  Many will find their jaws dropping.

In many ways, this is an answer to my statements yesterday concerning video games knocking pen & pencil D&D for six . . . it is, however, still the implementation of the Funhouse.  More on that in a little while.

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