Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 22nd Round

A. Smashing apart the north gate defenders.  B. Winning on the west breach.  C. Elves approach the main gate wall.  D. The skirmish against the slingers almost ends.  E.  The southeast breach press makes headway.  F.  Three tough hobgoblins make their way across to fight Falun the ranger.

The slingers on the ground are almost done; but more mount the south wall and load their slings.

Meanwhile, the elven bowmen begin moving forward up the slope to the main gate, their targets all gone.

The goblins at the west breach continue to evaporate.  Falun's enemy now has three wounds, is standing on his last legs (0 hp) and is about to go down.  Meanwhile, Wilhelm, who has been the tiger of the upper west breach, takes a massive hit and drops to -9 hp.  Ivan is fighting over his body.  The party would long remember Wilhelm's contribution to this fight.

At the north gate, goblins dogpile on the Youth drow, come close to killing off the last of the glaivers against them.  The ghouls stun another glaiver; but Pikel and Falcon are restored by a dispel magic wand held by Penn.  Neema dismounts from her horse to fight the ghouls, not wanting her Dumar the warhorse to be paralyzed.  The mopping up continues.

Garalzapan blinks.  Shalar misses the goblin, suffers two attacks (the goblin is 7th level, remember, the leader of all the goblins in the fort).  Ariana, a floor below, fights a hobgoblin.

On the ground, Hig breaks through, pushing the goblins back so more glaivers can get in.  The breach is finally beginning to give way.  The glaiver on the wall kills the hobgoblin and starts down the stairs to the ground, to defend Hig's back.

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