Friday, April 24, 2015

Pushing, Pushing

For a fortnight, I'm going to be pushing the new blog.  What's the use in an experiment if no one reads it?

I will, however, be writing here also.  My only difficulty is that the D&D project I'm working on at the moment is a statistical re-evaluation of one aspect of my trade system, a methodical process that requires that I go through and re-organize the references for more than 900 market cities.  It is dull, repetitive, impossible to explain . . . and exhaustively time consuming.  Thankfully, I love shifting numbers around, possibly because I am an alien.

As such, I have nothing to write at the moment except opinion.  I can't talk about my wilderness damage table because I'm not working on that.  I can't highlight recent additions to my wiki because I'm not working on it.  I can't post a map because I'm not mapping or updating existing maps.  I'm crunching numbers.

Opinion is good, though . . . yes?  I hope yes.

It's ten a.m. as I write this.  I'm going to shove out the 20-30 resumes I canvass daily and then I'm going to get some other chores done while sitting and waiting for the phone to ring.  Then I'll pick up yesterday's discussion about Funhouses.  Sit tight, enjoy your day, we'll talk later.


  1. "...impossible to explain..."

    Surely not!

    I'm probably only speaking for myself, but your trade/economic systems are inherently fascinating, and I'd certainly consume any details behind your methods. But if you find the explanation even more tedious than the activity, that's your prerogative, of course.

  2. Hello !

    Just some quick comment to say that, as the fellow before me said, your trade / economic system is deeply fascinating, and I'll always crave for more !

    By the way, I can't say how great are your Weather Mark 6 posts, wonderfully thought out and simple.
    I'm definitely keeping it for later use, when life will have given me a reprieve ^^. It'll do wonders with designing or upgrading my work on the Hyborian Age world. The approach you used there could be linked to climate, cultivation, biomes and the rest.

    Now, to find some poor souls to trap there ...

    Many thanks ! And all possible luck for your job hunt (because you already have all needed talent ^^)


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