Saturday, April 4, 2015

Make Players Happy

This is my favorite part of my new spell lists, published on the wiki.

For example, 4th level illusionist spells:

Or 1st level druid spells:

Along with 2nd level druid:

Believe me, if you want to make your players HAPPY, and cut the amount of time your players spend choosing things in your world, likes spells or weapons, forget creating new tables that redescribe weapon damage - just make easily readable charts like these, where a lot of information can be remembered at a glance!


  1. I'm confused about what this part of the Dispel Magic text means.

    "Enchanted items, such as scrolls, potions, rings, wands, staffs, rods, armor, weapons and so on are not affected by the spell. However, dispel magic will dispel the lasting effects caused by those items."

    So the items themselves won't get broken or anything, OK. But what are the "lasting effects" here? It makes sense to me for, say, a potion - you drink the potion, you get an effect, but then somebody casts Dispel on you and the effect gets canceled.

    However I don't understand what it would mean to have "lasting effects" if the item is, say, a magic sword or rod. If it lets you cast some spell or whatever, then yeah, same as the potion example above - that particular casting's effects get shut off. But what if it's just a +1 sword? Or some other "static" bonus?

    Could you give some examples?

  2. Maxwell,

    You're overthinking this.

    By 'lasting,' I meant those effects resulting from the use of the items over time. 'Lasting' does not forever or continuous, as you seem to imply.

    Easy enough to change the language, without the adverb:

    Dispel magic will dispel the magical effects caused by those items.


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