Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 25th Round

A. Mopping up at the north gate continues.  B. The defensive line at the west breach is gone.  C.  Still skirmishing.  D. A slow, steady forward movement at the southeast breach.  E. The toads hop towards the combat.

There's less and less to say that doesn't sound lie repetition.  The Verger drow continues to fight effectively, but it is slow - and his allies are dying all around him.  Falun is back in it again, and once again Ty the npc fighter moves to support him.  The goblins move to contain Urlgen, Ivan and Loki the npc thief, who has had little impact in this combat (Loki is a henchman of Ty the fighter).  Frederick that mage/thief is casting cantrips at this point, having run out of other spells (only 2nd level).

The ghouls are gone - almost, one has been turned by Neema the paladin.  Took five rounds, and they never paralyzed anyone again after that first round.  At the top of the map, there was a 1st level fighter hench named Dinan, who has been fighting on the edge of this all along. Dinan is killed this round.

The Youth drow is still being pinned, though the nine rounds of the confusion spell should be done.  This is probably the result of bad bookkeeping; so much to keep track of.  That Youth should be free now.  Well, we can always presume the goblins don't trust him.

In the East tower, Ariana has killed the hobgoblin and the goblin behind.  Garalzapan has reblinked to the top of the tower, attacking the 7th level goblin from behind, stunning it.  Below, on the ground, Hig and Widda push another round forward.

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