Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 24th Round

There is no 23rd round image.  So we pick up with the 24th round, after two rounds have passed.

A. The north gate melee continues to open.  B. The west breach loosens, also.  C. The elven bowmen move towards the breach.  D.  Still this skirmish continues, with only one goblin left on the ground.  E. The East tower attack is not going well, but the breach begins to open.

F. Finally, some of the reserves waiting at the southeast breach begin to move across the courtyard (they didn't really want to fight).  G. Goblins at the north gate turn towards the west breach instead.  H. Summoned giant toads appear.  

While everywhere the defenders are folding, the battle still goes on . . . and the player's dwindling hit points do not make the players feel, at this point, as though they really have won yet.  There may be a lot fewer enemies, but a lucky hit can still kill someone - particularly as everyone's pool of defense has diminished.

There is one slinger left on the ground; Lorel and Helmut suffer a volley of sling bullets and the back and forth goes on.

The ballista on the SW tower releases a shot into the west breach combat.  The ballista arrow misses, splinters and does a little damage to the line behind Falun.  If the shot had hit Falun, the ranger would have been killed outright - but it passes right over her head.

The elven bowmen move forward to support while the west breach defense crumbles.  Falyn kills the hobgoblin champion, readies to meet the three hobgoblins coming.  The Verger monk is surrounded. The upper west breach defense disappears, but the goblins at G rush to keep it going.   The Queen drow, however, casts her monster summoning II spell and drums up 7 giant toads.

The ghouls fall fairly quickly.  Neema gets her horse under control for a round as it panics.  The cavalry is hit pretty hard by the defenders and two friendly cavalry are killed.

Down at the southeast breach, Shalar gets hit and stunned for a round.  Ariana is pushed back one floor below.  Garalzapan blinks in, attacks, then blinks out again.  Slow headway is made forward.

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