Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Goblin Fort, End of 27th Round

A.  Finishing the north gate battle.  B.  Fighting toads and goblins in the west courtyard.  C. Finished the last goblin slinger at last.  D.  Jammed in the SE breech.

E.  The goblin slingers abandon the wall to join the fight.  F.  A force of goblins crosses the courtyard towards the west.  G. Hobgoblins, goblins and the Old Man drow evacuate the NE tower.

The Verger gets hit, Falun gets hit, both end up being stunned and back to back, though of course they're enemies.  The strangeness of war.  Karl the npc lord stuns the Prince drow but is interrupted by one of the giant toads, who are hopping about.  The goblins are reeling.

I hadn't noticed in the last two posts, but there is a second ghoul, also slowly staggering away, near the NW tower - but both of these are not threatening.  The Youth drow and four goblins approach Pikel warily.  Lyrial the bard uses her command spell against a goblin, for Paul the cavalry fighter to kill.  Neema starts moving towards the SE breech.

Garalzapan casts a shield spell before setting to move into combat. Shalar moves down the tower's ladder while Ariana fights the one goblin left on the tower's middle floor.  On the ground, the SE breech stagnates again.

The defenders, I think, have made so many mistakes - but this SE breech was a big one for the party.  If the pass wall had been used on the NE wall instead of next to the gate, it wouldn't have required forcing their way through a five hex narrow passageway.  But who would have thought it mattered?  The important thing seemed to be making a breech, anywhere - but we learn from these mistakes.

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