Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Animal Summoning

I've never been happy with the druid's animal summoning spells, I, II & III.  I've decided to create tables for them, rather than letting the caster pick the animal of their choice.  This will limit the spell, but I feel on the whole it is suitable for the experience a druid needs to get the spell.

Druids get higher level spells much earlier than any other class, so I don't feel bad shortening the number of animals that appear.  There's always the possibility that these tables may have to be puffed up a bit, but for the present I'm going to experiment with these numbers when a character uses the spell.



  1. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to put these side by side with the animal friends tables.

  2. Yep. I was compiling the list for the friends, thought it would be suitable to recompile the list for the spells as well.

  3. Sent this along to my players and one of them was super excited about the possibility of getting a buffalo, although I think the giant bighorn sheep is definitely the way to go.

    Your blog has really shown me the value of tables, as you can almost always be sure that something will pique a player's curiosity and get them excited, rather than leaving it up to them to summon or befriend the first thing that comes to mind (although a creative player can certainly flourish without a table). Thanks for these.


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