Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Combat Among the Orcs

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture one of my players had taken of a combat they were fighting.  That picture inspired me to update the quality of my top-down portrayals; here's what two weeks produced for Saturday Night's campaign:

Nice, huh?  The players were very happy with it.  All the imaging was drawn free-hand, though I admit to copying much of it from other top-down figures and objects around the internet.  However, nothing is there that wasn't expressly adjusted for my game.

They're fighting about 80 orcs at the moment, many of them 1st level or better.  There are 11 players and their henchmen, and it is proving a lot harder than expected.  They've performed a bunch of spells; that's a wall of fog down the center of the picture, reducing the effects of the enemy's standard (which the party is going to shatter as soon as the mage Lovi sees it emerge from the fog).  They've also cast two monster summoning spells, producing 12 of their own orcs (lovely and confusing) as well as 9 two-HD grimlocks.

I had meant to take a video of the whole combat - but for some reason the default setting on the program was set to fast capture, so that the video wound up being 63 gigabytes - too large for me even to convert to a usable file for youtube.  Still, this is the battle as the night ended, so I will give it another try on the 15th of April.

Keep warm.  I'm working on new weather tables that seem to be working.


  1. Any possibility of producing video of one of your combats? I'd be very interested in watching that play out.


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