Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Toe Issues

My reasons for not posting today are varied and unpleasant.  To keep up with my promise to write everyday on the food blog, I'll let the reader here read it there.

Still need to promote the other blog anyway.



  1. I'm sorry to hear about your toe, but I guess this is as good a place as any to ask: Is there any way to change the settings on your PayPal Donations button?

    Obviously, your work is of considerable value to me, but when I try to donate I get an error message saying the system won't accept donations from where I am (Japan). Some of us might simply give up in situations like this, but when I read on your cooking blog that you can't even afford cream for your coffee, I just couldn't keep silent. If it's not possible to change your settings, I'll just have to buy extra copies of your books and gift them to people who might not read them.

  2. uuugh! I check the site regularly and view old posts for new comments. I am going to have to endure the Heebie-jeebies each time I scroll past that toe. Something about finger and toe injuries make me squeamish. Oh, and sorry about your toe. I pity you at the moment.

  3. T. Xenos,

    I communicated with paypal and they tell me there are no restrictions on my end for overseas donations. They suggest that it might be some restriction existing on your account, and that you should contact them to have it removed.


    I could remove the image. I do recognize that many people find these things distasteful. I added the pic last night just before going to bed, when I changed the bandage on it; it was the first time I'd seen it myself in the 12 hours after my accident.


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