Thursday, March 30, 2017

Old Posts 11-20

As a reminder, interest has already waned on the "Challenge to Find the Top 10 Posts."  No one has to put up more than one favorite, after all.  Moreover, I'm not sure yet that there are 10 posts that have been seconded.

Here is a list of the next 10 posts I created on this blog:

Play.  Advanced Gameplay, Fun, Game Prep, Rule-Making.  Discussion of how children play games versus how adults play games; rule-making and why it matters, increase detail in rule-making as games advance in complexity.  Conflated importance of frivolity and "fun" in the role-playing community.

Charisma.  Ability Stats, Character Generation, Charisma.  Method for determining background skills, relationships, childhood events and character flaws through the use of a d20 roll compared to the player's stats.  This post focused on charisma-related generation results.  Charisma as a dump stat.

Intelligence.  Ability Stats, Character Generation, Intelligence.  Difficulties in playing intelligence in games, importance of randomness in game design, defining "character."  Intelligence-related results for character generation.  Discussion of severe character flaws.

Wisdom.  Ability Stats, Character Generation, Wisdom.  Family background's irrelevance in common role-playing.  Wisdom-related results for character generation.

Constitution.  Ability Stats, Character Generation, Constitution.  Balance in gaming, definition of winning, character flaws.  Constitution-related results for character generation.

Strength & Dexterity.  Ability Stats, Character Generation, Dexterity, Strength.  Strength and dexterity related results for character generation.

There Has to Be More.  Campaign Structure, Manor Estate, Personal Memoir, Trade Commodities.  Influence of Almanacs on my youth and my developing interest in statistics and geography.  The importance of developing a campaign structure as a cohesive whole, difficulties associated with answering player queries regarding land, costs, commodity production and estate management.

What Price?  Manor Estate, Trade Commodities, Treasure.  Comparisons of purchase prices in the official game universe vs. gold accumulation from treasure.  Importance of Scarcity, reducing the party's buying power, many examples regarding prices that are too low to present a challenge [notably feeding horses].

Wide, Wide World.  Trade Commodities, Trade & Production.  Reasons for designing a trade system, implementation of a Colliers Encyclopedia for research, accumulation of trade references and commodity forms, plotting 17th century production vs. modern statistical date [using the U.N. Industrial Statistics Yearbook.

Random Good.  Campaign Structure, Game Prep.  Philosophy of minimal game prep, improvising a game on the spot.  Relationship of randomness (the unexpected) and improvisation in moment-to-moment play.

Frankly, I think the Random Good post is fairly garbage.  I was definitely off on a tangent that day; I'm not sure what the hell point I was trying to make.  The rest is fairly okay.  The introduction of the background generator tables, way before I systematized it into an excel generator, comes astoundingly early in this blog.  And naturally I was going to start talking about trade as soon as I had gotten my feet wet.

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Vlad Malkav said...

Do you want new comments on old posts ? Because that's how you get new comments on ond posts ^^.

Sorry for the use of a meme, I just couldn't resist. I'd definitely start commenting on those one day or another, though, if not for the fact that I already give enough sycophantic vibe as it is ^^, and don't have much constructive to add.
At least until I get enough time to go at World Building again - then I'll get the Question Hydra awake !