Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lurker's Corner ~ Fun Times

If I wanted a clear example of how a battle using my combat system can go in a completely different direction than what's anticipated, I couldn't do better than to compare Round 6 with Round 7 in the present Juvenis combat.  I have been consistently missing the party with my rolls, while the party has been hitting just as consistently (with the exception of the cleric).  With one frog humanoid dead and two of the others apparently on their last legs, being easily stunned, the party had every reason to believe they were done.

However, the frog humanoids had a good round for a change.  With two claw-claw-horn potentials, I hit four times out of six, and rolled good on a d6 for horn damage: a 5 and a 6.  Add in a little frog-hopping ability and just like that, the party is smashed right back onto their own heels.

Not to mention what might happen if the one frog in the hall escapes, is able to climb the rope and goes after Petar and Willa . . .

Post Script:

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