Saturday, March 18, 2017


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Tim said...

Oohoohoohoo, this one is excellent. Looking back, I'm noticing how all of the comics manage to successfully and hilariously convey your feelings on various silly conventions of RPGs. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when you have enough comics to put out a little collection. It could be a sort of humorous companion to How to Run: How Not to Run, perhaps?

Behold said...

I just want to know what the golden lollypop in yellow-hair's hand really is.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Darn. I was trying for a beer.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

It looks like the body of the tankard of beer (the part that's not the handle) was drawn by doing a gray-gold gradient across a circle shape. The problem with that is that there's no distinction between the tankard and the beer; it's just the two colors mixed together. Fixing that should avoid the lollipop look. Try a gray rim and then fill the inside with gold only, i.e. a circle in a circle, the outer one gray, the inner one gold.

The above might require making the tankard a bit larger to get the effects across, but it may be that once the container and its contents are visually differentiated, the contrast will be stark enough to stand out even at small sizes.

Hope it helps.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

On a different note, I dig the scraggliness and irregularity of the barman's hair, including the bald spots, and the off-color lines giving depth to the hair of both characters.

Likewise, good attention to detail with the rag moving back and forth between panels, including the pause during the beat panel. From this and the guy moving back in his chair in comic 7, it's clear you have a grasp on implying motion. (maybe that skill got beefed up drawing hundreds of combats and keeping track of thousands of people and objects within them.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

You are looking at the results of your suggestion, Maxwell. That is what I did.

We might be overlooking the fact that a beer viewed from a top down position at a distance looks like a lollipop. How often do we view a beer mug from perfectly top down?