Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Jumpstart Jumpstarted

These past five days, we have had a genuine start in our funding proposal.  In just 96 hours we have raised a total of $675, mostly in large donations.  I have had a few conversations with patrons regarding the nature of the character they'd like themselves portrayed as in my book, The Fifth Man: an informant, Simon, who is sought after by more than one group; the lead ruffian of a small gang, Vann; the errand boy of the local manor lord, Robbie; and the massive brothel guard, whose name I will withhold for the present.  These have been fun talks, as in each case I've offered a choice of who people might like to be.

The book allows for several more plot-relevant persons, exactly eleven: there is a prince, three other ruffians, the officer of the guard, a farmer and his son, a wizard, a very old wise woman, a magistrate and a local constable.  Of these, not saying which, one is a character of significance to the tale's plot and development.

Beyond these are a few minor characters that I haven't taken time to flesh out but could be reworked: the manor lord himself, though I quite like the name I've chosen for him; two ordinary guards arguing over sausage; a lucky watchman who hasn't got a name but could be given one; a working member of the brothel, though a character of this type does not exist; and any number of bystanders who could be given a line.  The thing about writing is this: once the framework has been conceived, it is no trouble to fit some small detail into an actor's mouth rather than into the character's head.  Where the character might think that the coach accident was something of a miracle, it is just as easy to put a woman beside him, dress her, give her a face and a name, then have her exclaim, "It's a miracle, that's what it is; they should have been killed."  It isn't as though I have to pay actor's fees.

So I have plenty of room for more donations.

As a reminder, the goal is to raise enough money that will enable me to continue my life and focus for a three-month period, while writing my novel. Our goal is to raise another $5,525. To encourage donations, I am offering the following rewards:

  • For $10, I will provide an online copy of my latest gaming adventure, Ternketh Keep.
  • For $15, Added to the above, I will also provide plans to the Airship I've created.
  • For $25, Added to the above, I will also give as a bonus an 80-page preview to my book, no less than two weeks prior to the official publishing date of the novel.
  • For $50, Added to the above, I will handle the purchasing and sending of the book as soon as the book is published.
  • For $75, Added to the above, the copy received by the reader will be personally signed by me, along with a gamer girl t-shirt (as long as supplies and sizes last).
  • For $100, Added to the above, I am prepared to work the reader's name into the novel, promising at least one story significant line (as long as unused characters remain).

I would ask that all donations be made through the Donate button found on my blog's sidebar.

Please allow me to share a piece of my project with my community, enabling you to take part in a great experience that will enable me to produce the best of all possible creative works.

See the comments section for further details regarding these rewards.

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  1. $10: I can provide Ternketh Keep in a publisher or a jpeg format. The supporter should specify. In Publisher, the features and visualizations of the keep can be manipulated by the reader, used to make new rooms or new adventures and have the additional benefit of giving a clue as to how I have drawn and prepared these images. I’m afraid that the publisher files I am providing can only contain material that I’ve made, without any visuals provided by other online companies. I will do my best to email all content the morning after the donation was received.

    $15: The ship, like the Keep, can be provided in publisher or jpeg format. The supporter should specify. In addition to the ship, I am also providing the images of the top-down character figures I’ve created. These are also fully interactive, enabling the supporter to adjust shapes, change up weapons or helmets and once again get an idea of how I’ve created these figures. If requested, I am also prepared to send a blank hex map in publisher or jpeg format.

    $25: At present, I expect the novel to be published in the last two weeks of May. I am hoping to complete it before that time but this will depend upon the support I receive. I’m considering a May 31st deadline an absolute limit no matter what difficulties that face me. I should have the whole project fixed by late April, making it possible for me to provide the 80-page preview (earlier if it is understood last minute changes may be made to some descriptions or character names (due to donations). It may be necessary to send the preview in PDF format.

    $50: I am able to directly purchase and send the book through Lulu myself, without actually needing to have the book in my hands. This will free my supporters from keeping watch on whether or not the book has been published, so long as I have the supporter’s correct address (I usually receive this through paypal).

    $75: This will require that the copy be received first by me, so that I can sign it, before passing it along to the supporter. This enables me to add the t-shirt as I will be mailing the book directly. As long as I am free to send the package by ground mail, I will pay shipping.

    $100: I have approximately 14 minor characters that I can adjust or adapt to present a good line at some point in the novel. Some of these are more important than others; I will give options to supporters, as some may not want to have their name given to a particular type of character. I feel I can create 5 more characters if needed, associates or followers, whose lines would probably be less significant. If it happens that I must turn to these characters, I will let the reader know, and will inform the reader (and return any donations that might arrive) if I run out of potential characters altogether. I will allow the supporter to get a preview of the scene where their character would appear.


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