Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thank YOU

Just a quick post to say that we have raised a spectacular $825!

For anyone who has already seen the images and description of Ternketh Keep,  I encourage you to say something here to help me encourage others to become interested (enticed, moved, grabbed, titillated,  BEATEN OVER THE HEAD WITH WONDER).

Thank you everyone for all your contributions.  You are great!


  1. For anyone who might be on the fence, Alexis' communication with backers has been terrific and his previous books are worth every penny. I've no doubt that The Fifth Man will be another standout title. If you can spare a bit to help, here is an artist who has been sharing his work freely for nearly (more than?) a decade.

  2. There are many things I can say: brilliant, spectacular, excellent, inspirational. I'm hesitant if only because I worry about sounding like a syncophant or fan-boy.

    If anyone has any doubt about Alexis' ability to deliver a fantastic product, just take a look at his free work. His blog is enough to jump start the creative engine. His wiki literally gives away some of his best (like his maps or his economic charts). These things, alone, are worth a donation.

  3. I'm currently working my way through How to Run , and it is simply phenomenal. After all the benefit I have derived from Alexis' work, contributing to it (and receiving several excellent resources in the bargain) is a no-brainer.

  4. In addition to great maps and a varied selection of opponents to slay, Ternketh Keep has lots of little details that bring it to life and provoke ideas for how it might fit into a larger world. Alexis has included hooks for future adventures, large and small, throughout the Keep. Would your party like to seek out hidden islands, or simply get the most money out of the treasure they have acquired? A party won't feel railroaded upon leaving Ternketh Keep because they will have so many different leads that they may choose to follow.


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