Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Proposal: The AirShip Module & More

Nine days into the Jumpstarter Campaign and we have raised $1,125.  Large donations continue to come in - it is a wonderful testament to the loyalty and generosity of my readers.  In so short at time we have knocked our goal down to an amazing $5,075 remaining.  I encourage those who haven't yet considered giving a donation, even a small donation, as the Ternketh Keep adventure and accompanying materials are really worth the effort.

Here's a shot of the below decks airship, for those who haven't seen it yet:

Don't forget that an interactive version is very easily had.

Of course I include a description of the airship.  Here's a small measure of the content that comes with it:

For only $15 the rewards include Ternketh Keep and description, the AirShip and description, an excellent hex map for everyday use and one small special feature to boot.

For more, there are other, greater rewards:

Presented as an image if anyone wants
to send a message to a friend or follower

Come be part of something wonderful - give a little and let me take the time and give my full energy to writing the best of all possible books and create a platform for bringing much more material to the future table!

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