Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Late last night I thought it might be interesting to compare the dungeon-tackling idea I had with something familiar to the reader . . . and found myself dismayed.  Sometimes I forget how dungeons work in the land of games-ought-to-be-fun.

I don't relate to this in any way.  I've never played WPM or known anyone who played it - who admitted it out loud, anyway.  I can't imagine looking back on this thing with leaking eyes or tender heart, longing for the days when I was fifteen and it didn't matter how the wall of force was put in place so that stops the players from killing the sphinx or how it is that a sphinx in a non-literary world has riddles with the answer, "The Letter S."  I wonder what the riddle sounds like in French.

I don't have any answers for rooms with manticores surrounded by fish surrounded by giant scorpions surrounded by giant crayfish (though the one suggested in the above walk-through seems practical).  I want to know why the steam rises from water that isn't too hot to walk in or why the heat induction corridor doesn't heat up the entire underground (or the lava either, for that matter).  I'm completely stupid this way.  The handwave of 'magic' doesn't cut it for me.  What is Keraptis' motivation . . . and why should I care?

I do run weird, goofy dungeons.  Most of the time, they don't work and it's me 'winging it' a bit too much.  I ran something goofy a couple months ago and yeah, bad.  My players are very charitable.  The Keep I'm presenting is definitely a return to good, solid dungeoneering (sort of an apology to my players, actually, in giving them something respectable to play in).

I will go on with the series.  It's difficult, however, to pretend that I have practical answers to dungeons built immediately over caves with free floating lava seas which have water, water everywhere.  And frictionless floors.  Was that a wish spell?  What an odd choice.

(would take my players about five seconds to figure that out, by the way).

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