Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yes, the Advanced Guide is Really Published

For a while, I just want to make this the title for every post I write, regardless of the content.

I'm going to be working on the e-book today; presuming I have worked out the troubles with those (it requires considerable adjusting of the content on the page before making a pdf), then I should have one up in a four or five hours (or sooner, if it goes well).

Sales have been brisk.  We have sold 17 copies at the moment, so here's me saying THANK YOU to all the buyers.  This is terrific news, given that I only have this one blog, a lot of people hate me and the book costs $30.  You all are wonderful enough to make an old, crotchety lawn-shouter cry.

I myself am going to have to wait until July 31 before I get a copy in my actual hands - at which point I shall get a hundred of them.  Many of you will be able to see it in the flesh before I do.

Unfortunately, I cannot open the reviews page at Lulu.  There are several stalkers who will happily leave fake, abusive reviews there in order to kill this book.  So, please, if you find the book worthy and you'd like to write a positive or negative review, the best place for it is probably google+ or facebook, where you can talk to your own people.


Quinten Alflen said...

I can't wait for the book to arrive at the local gaming store where the owner was going to order a few.

Just reading the blog has given me a lot of insight in how to run better, so your book has pretty much already sold itself to me as an extra source of learning.

Tom said...

Alexis, I finally received a copy of How to Run ( Im not sure why it took so long to get since I ordered it the moment you posted it was available). Im just delving into it but am already happy to see its general contents and tone. I plan on posting a review/recommendation on my blog and my facebook page ( which seems to get more general readers anyway). Happy to see you finally have gotten this out to us all.