Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hypocrisy or Bad Judgement?

What does it say that the most viewed post from this last week is the one where I flat out insult someone?

Naturally, its because having made the post, everyone immediately linked to it because people are . . . biology.  Which is the greater horror here?  That I insulted a person (insults being something that people shout at each other daily, even people who love each other), or that so many people couldn't help themselves in pointing out hypocritically how horrible and awful I am for daring to use words?  Oh look, someone insulted someone.  Run, go look at it!  I'm in no way driving attention to a person I wish was no longer on the internet!


Does anyone still care that I'm releasing a book in two days?  About role-playing and stuff?


Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh. Please note. The post I wrote on dex vs. con, that was 100% drama free, that got no negative press anywhere on the net, received exactly 1 comment. A really positive one.

Why do I write these abusive posts again? Let me think. Oh, that's right. Because everyone rushes to reward me.

Thank you Maxwell. If more people would talk about the theoretical comments with meaningful discussion, I wouldn't have to be such a shit.

Jomo Rising said...

I like passion, not so much insults. Your passionate defense of your thought is very interesting. Opposing viewpoints are also often interesting. Your posts don't hold my attention as much if I agree with them and no one posits an alternative. I figure out ways to apply your thought. Nor am I likely to dwell on a post that I am not invested in, no matter if a flame war starts because of it. I hope that it is not that people just like hard language, but there probably is something to that.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ah, found this post I was looking for. This was also written as a positive answer to the dex/con post.

In the midst of being told I'm anti-free speech, I'm spawning meaningful dialogue. How does that work?

Maxwell Joslyn said...

You're welcome, Alexis.

Excited for the book, although I can't buy myself a copy until around mid-August.