Monday, July 14, 2014

A Brief Overview

I have a little time.  I think I may actually publish the paperback book sometime this evening, as things are going right now.

A few subjects that are NOT covered in the book.  I do not discuss anything about GNS theory.  I do not talk nor give advice about 'narration' or 'simulation,' in fact the reader will notice these terms are not in the index I posted yesterday.  I do not talk about 'themes.'  I do not talk about the history of role-playing games, though I do mention they've been around 40 years.  I mention game design only at the end, and only to explain why I did not employ any texts about game design in writing the book.

Where it talks about rules, the book discusses what rules are used for and how to change them, or go about deciding what should be used, but specific rules are not discussed.  The invention and implementation of characters are mentioned only in passing.  Communities are not discussed, though there is a small amount about gaming clubs.  Metagaming is not mentioned.  Railroading gets its wrist slapped a few times, but it's also acknowledged as a means of running the game.  Character disadvantages are not included.  Combat is referred to but never examined.  I do not examine dungeon building, nor specifically the making of any module like adventure.

There is nothing in the book about hit points.

Yet somehow I found it possible to write for 340 pages of text.  How about that?  I found a whole lot of other things to talk about, that's all.


Jomo Rising said...

Feel free to post a link on my FB. I will get the word out to my peeps.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Hello Jomo,

I'm not sure how exactly we're connected through facebook. On my page, you can find a link for the lulu book, which you can share onto your page. Will that work?

Charles Taylor (Charles Angus) said...

Ordered. Even more excited, having read this!