Monday, July 21, 2014

The Business of Books

Today, I received a pleasant comment today from Wandrille Duchemin regarding my How to Play a Character & Other Essays book (see the original comment here):

"I bought the book, read it and loved it.  Although this did not profited you especially, I think it was worth the cost to make it come to Europe.  I would love to post a review on Lulu but I can't seem to find how... Anyway, can't wait to get the new book."

Thank you Wandrille, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Things are going along.  We've settled on a date for the official 'Book Launch' in Calgary, for the afternoon of August 6th, at The Sentry Box, described as Canada's Largest Adventure Gaming and Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Store.  I have a handshake deal with the owner to provide books for the shelf there also, so for those who are local you'll be able to buy the Advanced Guide directly.

For those who don't know, there is a Preview for the Advanced Guide under the box art on the above link, that runs to page 23 of the book.  It gives the whole Introduction and my explanation for why I say 'DM' and not 'GM.'  For what it's worth.

I like the deal I made with The Sentry Box and I'd be prepared to make the deal with other stores - if I knew of other stores.  I've asked around and several people think it's a good idea to make this offer:

Give me the name and contact info for your local gaming store, and the name of the owner (or whomever I would contact), and I'll try to get them interested in the book.  IF your lead pays off, I'll give you a 10% kick-back on the price I sell the book for (or on the percentage of a consignment deal, if that's what happens).  I'd be prepared to take a slight loss, giving it to you, if I can get the book out there.

Of course, if you'd like to go the extra step and sell the owner on me and the book, that helps put that money into your pocket.  It's up to you.


Oh, and it turns out a buyer got his paper book today!

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