Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Small Update

There, at last I've made these links all work.

Give Proficiency: grants possible skill with an instructor’s weapon proficiency.
Give Secondary Skill: grants an ability acquired by the instructor from his or her progenitor.
Harden Commoner: lessens the experience needed for a commoner to become hardened as a combatant.
Reading & Letters: provides skill in teaching others how to read & write.
Train Man-at-Arms: provides the training needed for a comrade to become a man-at-arms.

I meant to have that done Tuesday, but I got hung up with the progenitor's list, which is an upgrade of the secondary skills post I added in April.

Lots done, lots to do.


JB said...

The Work continues...
: )

Discord said...

This is fascinating!

Would you ever start a party as commoners, and then have them advance to comrades, and then first level characters?

Alexis Smolensk said...

If a party wanted it, sure. And the "big bad" at the end of the first adventure would be a 1st level fighter. Or perhaps a 1st level mage.

But of course, this only describes the path for a fighter. Clerics would go to a seminary, a bard to a college, mages and illusionists to schools, the assassin and thief would learn their craft on the street, the monk would spend years meditating, etc.

Baron Opal said...

A bit of a tangent, but the thought came to me as I have been reading these.

You have your own rules for henchmen, and now for commoners --> men-at-arms when they are caught up with the PCs. Have you made any changes to the followers that come to PCs when they reach "name" level?

Alexis Smolensk said...


Yes, calling those "retainers" or "followers," depending on the class. I had planned to work on them sometime; and this material above sets the stage for it. The fighter gets a load of men-at-arms, and the cleric too. I have morale rules; all that is really needed is to settle a system for how they're gathered, managed and paid. As near as I can tell.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

Yeeeeeah! (Almost) every profession getting its own sage skill - that's the good stuff! As you made the progenitor list you must have been quite proud/satisfied to be able to link together so many pieces of the sage system.

Looking at other people's toy "worlds" based on nothing more than a few hours of "wouldn't it be kewl if...", with not a whiff of understanding politics, religion, economics, manufactures, geography or much else... I can't express how glad I am that you're out there setting the bar five miles up.