Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dear Those Who have Asked that I Watch GoT

Not interested.

If I did not have an argument before ~ and I did, given the painful smearing of the writer's fingerprints over ever bit of dialogue ~ the above is enough.

Some will say, "Well, shit happens."  Those people have never been in a movie.  There are dozens and dozens of people who are involved in the making of this shot, from the cameraman to the director to the editor, not to mention the actors, the continuity and the many, many techies who were lighting and propping this scene.  And no one noticed.  No one.

Or, it was intentional.

If no one noticed, it was because everyone involved in the making of this trash is clearly, plainly, going through the motions.  They've all stopped caring.  If they cared, this would have been caught and fixed long before it broadcasted ... but they didn't, because hell, who gives a shit.  Let's just film this bit and get it done.  Bleh.

And if it was intentional ... well.

Either way, no one on this crew, no one connected to this scene, should ever work again.  Or, at least, they should experience a period of suffering, during which they endlessly have to re-evaluate their commitment to their art.  Given the number of people watching, this was Merkle's Boner.

It is forgivable that someone goofed.  That some "one."  But dozens upon dozens goofed here, or phoned it in, and that's amateur night.  That's high school.

No, I do not want to watch a show this tired.


Lance Duncan said...


I don't watch this show either, mostly because I don't consider the books to be very well written, but wow, just WOW.

Johnny F. Normal said...

...and yet there is evidence you have looked into the abyss known as 5e.
Amateur night hides in plain sight on every corner and high school lurking down every alleyway.
Art is dead, craft is an obstacle of profit.
Open up and eat your trash like a good consumer.

Or just keep pissing on convention.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt Johnny, but I admit don't understand the purpose of your statement.

Johnny F. Normal said...

Equal parts piss-take and simply having fun with the futility of avoiding goods made without soul and the underlying societal observation therefrom.

JB said...

There goes Starbucks ruining everything again...

Dirk said...

"no one on this crew, no one connected to this scene, should ever work again."

That seems a bit extreme.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Perhaps, Dirk. But I wouldn't hire them.

Dirk said...

You not hiring them is perfectly reasonable. Saying they should never work again is not.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'll say whatever I want to say.

Jomo Rising said...

Seems to me that they are rolling in the success of the first four, brilliant seasons, as a man might roll in a bed of his own $100 bills, and have stopped caring about the last four seasons.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I heard they've digitally erased the cup now.