Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tarot Sheets

I've been meaning to get this work done for ages, since Pandred brought it up and Agravain found the images for me ~ thank you again, good sir!

These are my tarot card descriptions, which were first posted on my Same Universe Wiki back in 2011, before it collapsed and I eventually put together another wiki to survive it.  These images never made it, however, so this is the first time they've seen the internet in about seven years.

In my world, Tarot is an occult practice, which is deciphered by those links to my wiki.  The actual descriptions for the cards can be downloaded from my Google Drive.  I'll add to this by posting the images below, as well; though because it is blogger, it will make a mess of the website.


Agravain said...

You are welcome!

Pandred said...


Awesome! I love this stuff! Thanks so much Agravain for finding these national treasures! You're a big damn hero.

Ozymandias said...

Also, thank you, Alexis. This is freaking fantastic.

Alexis Smolensk said...

National treasures, eh? I feel like Nicolas Cage.