Saturday, March 4, 2017


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Maxwell Joslyn said...

Tiny little dice!

I'm digging the foray into modern character design -- maybe a bit less tedious to draw than with all those medieval fiddly bits, huh?

The first panel's dialogue was hard to read because it flows counter-clockwise and from the right. Obviously it wasn't a brainbuster, once you read all the lines it's obvious how to read them, but it felt weird at first. Natural inclination to scan comics in columns: left-top, left-bot, mid-top, mid-bot, right-top, right-bot.

Embla Strand said...

I think "natural indication" varies - not all comics flow L->R.

Jomo Rising said...


Alexis Smolensk said...

I knew about that issue before I posted, Maxwell. I have read comics also.

There are some issues here you may not have considered. First, the set-up for the whole comic demands that the DM never appear in body. Since in 99 panels out of 100 the DM will speak first before the players do, the table needs the orientation that it has.

Additionally, Melissa's middle speech is a lot of dialogue for a panel. I needed space for it; I did not want to unduly spread out the panel-window, as it has to be both tight and with the right amount of whitespace, it meant her position was going to have to be mid-panel. Nick had to be next to her for the introduction, so this forced me into the layout you see.

I will obey the rules you suggest whenever possible, but you have to recognize something where it comes to art: sometimes, rules get in the way. Given that this is the 4th comic I've ever created in my entire life to this point, I think I'm doing okay.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

Of course, there are no fixed rules. I didn't mean to come off preachy and I'm not dismissing your effort.

4 comics down and here's to many more!