Friday, March 31, 2017


This comic pushed me right to the edge.  A better artist than I could probably render this better: it took me 6 hours to get the comic right, not counting the fact that the people themselves were already created for earlier uses.

I can't really believe that I'm doing this.  I look at this comic and I'm in a state of wonder; I conceived of needing a gelatinous cube for the joke, not knowing for sure if I could make one . . . and damned if it wasn't difficult.  But I'm so proud of myself for actually making it look legit that I'm thoroughly stunned.

I truly think I've got something good going here.



I just had two people pull their $10 donations from Patreon, last minute.  But I understand.  Paint my face sad, but all I can think is that I've let them down by not producing enough valued and useful information.  Thank you both for the support you've given me in the past.  I hope you will both continue to read and support me vocally in the comments, as I don't want to lose you as readers.


Ozymandias said...

I can imagine the players sitting at the table having this very conversation...

Guy in the Cube: Dude! Shut up and get me the freak out of here!

Tim said...

I have an image in my head of some point, maybe a few months down the line, when you are running a party and by sheer coincidence the players arrange themselves the same way that a comic is drawn, perhaps even share some banter reminiscent of the comic in a surreal moment of life imitating art.
I love the cube: it's got some real liveliness to it!

Maxwell Joslyn said...

Good dialogue and good cube. You are improving, Alexis.

Oddbit said...

Yah the depth on that cube is pretty great.

That's where I see a lot of potential trouble, but the overall shape with the waves really does give it that wobble feel.

Now for a fun question, can it be pulled out for combat maps too?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, it can.