Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ternketh Cover Page

Sweet little cover; makes me feel professional

One of my sponsors, Matt R, has just sent me the above picture, of his creation.  Thank you Matt!  That is absolutely bloody marvelous.

He tells me that he was inspired by the Keep adventure.  Come on, have a look and see how good it is!


Tim said...

Holy smokes that is amazing. Well done, Matt! Love the expressions!

Maxwell Joslyn said...

It looks like it may have been made with the Garry's Mod tool built on top of Half-Life 2, one of the uses of which is to pose ragdolls* and edit their faces.

Matt, would you mind telling us how it was made? I'd like to know.

*ragdoll: a 3D model for a game character which reacts to physics events, such as motion, explosion, etc; corpses, for example, will often be ragdolls, and can thus be moved around, kicked, etc.

Matthew Richmond said...

Hi Maxwell, I used Daz Studio.