Friday, April 24, 2009

Collateral Damage

Well, the boom got dropped today.

Today is my last day at work. Officially, I've been laid off.

This isn't a big surprise, it has been coming for weeks. The only unknown was what day it would happen. The management is a week late on our cheques, has just paid me half of what they owe me and asked if I'd like to work on severely reduced hours or be laid off. I picked the latter.

One thing I have not talked long and hard on this blog has been my job. I don’t intend to go into the details here, beyond what I’ve said before. I write, I work for a magazine. They’ve been a great bunch to work for and the collapse of the publication has been largely due to the terror and fear that exists on account of the banking fiasco. Banks will not make loans, even in the case of people who have perfect credit ratings or who own assets, assets can’t be sold because there are no buyers and advertising is a complete failure as everyone but everyone is cutting their budgets. If I would blame anyone, I would have to start with corporate governance and its influence on right wing governments, and I’m not up for that rant right now.

So I will no longer have access to my office computer, and will have to make do with my computers at home. I’m not going to be much for running any adventure until next week. In the meantime I will be getting myself sorted out, getting myself on employment insurance (which should not be a problem) and looking for a management position with some disappointingly normal company doing traffic, human resources or promotions. Not looking forward to any of that.

This is my second job lost (the previous job amounting to about a third of my income) in the last three months. Do I record myself as two unemployed people with regards to statistics? Probably.

Please spare me the concerned comments or notes of sorrow. I’m sure you feel for me, I’m sure I appreciate it. Many of you have been friends and good associates and I think we can assume all of that and feel as though we have already commisserated. We have all been down this route already with coworkers and family and I’m sure we’re all tired of it. This email is just to inform as to where I am and what I’m doing. I will find more time to work on D&D and play D&D and to work out the problems in my writing. I am never NOT working. It’s only just that for a little while I won’t be paid for it.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you pick it up again soon. Good luck.

Carl said...

Alexis, please contact me at my G-Mail address (you should have it from my comments). I'd like to get an email address for you.

Brunomac said...

That is a bummer, it's a tough time to be an American right now.

KenHR said...

Best of luck, and we'll pick up the game when you're squared away. Thanks for everything so far.