Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Getting Organized

While I'm organizing what next to show on the blog, for those who are looking for some simple points on how to build adventures, I suggest watching this video all the way through, whether or not you have ever heard of the video game, the Secret of Monkey Island:

The savvy reader will have noticed that I am behind on two promises: that the podcast did not come out this last Sunday, and that I did not write a masterclass post and get it up yesterday.

I had some things get in the way of life on the weekend and it put me behind on both of these things.  I am, admittedly, behind. I now strongly feel that it was a mistake to even think of setting the podcast up on a schedule, which I'm going to ignore going forward.  The podcast will be in place when I'm able to apply my brain to it.

The masterclasses are trickier; but I have promised that I will do two per month and I certainly will.  I'm just a little squeezed.  I should have the first of them up tomorrow, if I have to suspend the campaign early Thursday in order to do it.  I should be fine, however.

One thing about being a creator, we have to create when we're in a head space to create.  If I had set the podcasts to all come out starting the beginning of July, I could have easily hit that mark: and understand, that is how television and film does it.  They do not cut product days, or the day of, a product being aired, unless they're being run by idiots, or it is some temporal show like the news or a talk show.  And those things have hundreds of people who can be counted on to make stuff come out right.  Not just me.

Right now, I have what most people would consider a ridiculous amount of free time at my disposal; but I'm also working a physical job that tends to wreck me the day of working, so that it isn't until the next day that I'm ready to be productive.  And I have stretched myself very thin, with many projects on the go.  I'm solving that by trying to better organize my time and putting it where it is most important.  I know that the people who support me enough so they can read the masterclass were just as pleased to see the content I put up last Sunday about Haugaland.  I didn't expect that post to run as long as it did ... but once I got started, I found I had a lot to say.

I want to write a follow-up post to that; and get the podcast edited; and write the masterclass post; and finish running my online campaign this week; and write some of my book, that I picked up briefly last week; and spend some time with my partner tonight; and be in a fit state of mind for work on Friday.

Everything is fine; please bear with me.

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Pandred said...

That video is a very good find. Damn, but it is put together nicely.

I understand completely the physical post-work malaise. It's a bugbear of considerable size, and I wish you luck in tackling it.

The Rogaland content has been awesome, and I'll be looking forward to the next podcast whenever it comes.